Hey there!

I'm Karrie-Anne, an eternally optimistic, happy, coffee drinking, champagne sippin', lover of love, mumma of two little bebes and the creator at KwithHeart.

My signature range is my hand brushed, Hopes + Dreams affirmation organic swaddle blankets and organic muslin wraps. I believe that it is our role to set our babies up for great things from the day they are born. While pregnant I used to sit and think about all my Hopes + Dreams I had for my bebe-to-be and I wanted a way to tell my bebe all the time once they were born.

My Hopes + Dreams blankets and wraps feature 30 affirmations to encourage us parents and carers to 'say out loud' these affirmation from the time our babies are born, so they too grow up believing these intentions we are setting for them. I do believe if we, say it, affirm it, we WILL create it.

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Some interesting background:
KwithHeart was born when I was pregnant with my first born. In desperation to buck the trend of blue for boys and pink for girls, I wanted a black and white nursery and as I couldn't find anything (this was before the monochrome craze), I created my own wraps and swaddles. I wasn't alone in my desire to be different and when friends started asking for me to make them things, I decided to open my doors for business.


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